BuurtzorgT provides specialised psychiatric treatment at home. We organise treatment by offering home visits to all its client groups. Like all BuurtzorgT initiatives, we believe that the relationship with clients based on connection and trust is at the core of our treatment processes. 

The treatment focus of BuurtzorgT is on people’s recovery and the restoration of contacts within their immediate environment. The BuurtzorgT vision of working with clients in their environment aims to develop strategies that will allow them to recover and regain control of their lives.

How we work

BuurtzorgT teams usually consist of psychiatrists, psychologists, community mental health nurses and other health professionals. The teams deliver an assertive oriented model of care, focusing on clien’s needs that will lead to self-developed solutions. In doing so BuurtzorgT has removed a lot of the bureaucracy. Treatment lines are short.

Buurtzorg’s innovative use of technology and combining e-health tools are there to share and promote self-learning and knowledge sharing.


Key principles of BuurtzorgT


  • Not talking about the client without the client present.
  • No time limits on sessions with clients.
  • Equality between clients and professionals.
  • On recovery, clients give help to peers, contributing to their own and recovery of others.

BuurtzorgT teams


BuurtzorgT is

a pioneer at home in psychiatric care an innovator