At BuurtzorgT, we go where the client wants us to go

At BuurtzorgT, we do not talk about clients,
we talk with our client

We do not ask our clients to come to us,
we go to them

About BuurtzorgT

BuurtzorgT provides care to clients with (serious) psychiatric problems. We strengthen the self-reliance of our clients in order to enable participation in social life, to prevent admissions, and, above all, to regain hope.

Our care is organized in a neighborhood-oriented way: in and around the daily lives of clients. We do not ask our clients to come to us, but we visit them at their home. At BuurtzorgT, each treatment is tailored to the needs of the client. We help the client, his or her loved ones, the GP and other important stakeholders to find lasting solutions to often difficult problems.

As a team, we are easily accessible and we try to offer continuity of treatment and therapist. To achieve this we are organized in small professional autonomous teams without the intervention of planners and managers. We use experiential expertise, support groups, the community network, and social media to enable clients to use their own solutions and strengths after treatment. We help and protect our clients against overtreatment and medicalization.

Our autonomous teams

Our autonomous teams usually consist of 7 health care professionals (of which at least 1 psychiatrist). Within set working boundaries, these professionals are free to decide how they work and when they work. They are responsible for their clients and also for their administration. Each of our teams operate autonomous from other teams and only receive back-up from our support team.

Because each team only has a small number of mental health professionals, therefore there is a maximum number of clients that can be cared for. We do not like clients having to wait long for their therapy. If one team has more clients than it can physically handle, the team will be split, creating two teams, which can lead to doubling the number of clients that can be cared for. Again, these teams operate autonomous from each other: each team is responsible for their own clients, for their own planning and for their own administration.



Steward Ownership

In 2020 BuurtzorgT officially became owner of itself. With this BuurtzorgT created a unique structure whereby the organisation, aside from being self-steering, also became its own property.

With this transition BuurtzorgT became a steward owned organisation. In other words the shares are divided into shares with property rights and shares with a control responsibility. These control shares will be in the hands of Stewards. In a sense these Stewards are the guardians of the organisation, they have a serving and supporting role to ensure the organisation will reach their goals.