At BuurtzorgT, we go where the client wants us to go

At BuurtzorgT, we do not talk about clients,
we talk with our client

We do not ask our clients to come to us,
we go to them

Our story

Over the


First steps

  • In 2012, the first initiatives were taken to find out if the Buurtzorg model could be copied to the BuurtzorgT model. The Buurtzorgmodel works with small-scale, self-steering teams that function autonomously, supported by minimal overhead. Initiated by Jos de Blok (founder of Buurtzorg) and Nico Moleman (psychiatrist and founder of Buurtzorg T), the first BuurtzorgT teams were set up.


First achievements

  • In 2013, teams started in Amersfoort, Amsterdam and Rotterdam in quick succession. Small teams in which one or two (social) psychiatric mental health nurse(s) and a psychiatrist worked on the basis of the same Neighborhood Care principles as Buurtzorg: the client together with the caregiver agree on what care is needed and offered. Collaboration with the general practitioners, involving the client’s relatives, the neighbourhood, minimal overhead and self-managing are seen as essential to provide good practice.


Approved health care organisation

  • From June 2014, BuurtzorgT has been working as an independent health care institution approved by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport for specialized mental health care.


Ensuring future growth

  • In 2020 BuurtzorgT officially became owner of itself. With this BuurtzorgT created a unique structure whereby the organisation, aside from being self-steering, also became its own property.


Growing strong

  • BuurtzorgT currently works with 60 teams throughout the Netherlands and more teams are added every year.