At BuurtzorgT, we go where the client wants us to go

At BuurtzorgT, we do not talk about clients,
we talk with our client

We do not ask our clients to come to us,
we go to them

Steward Ownership

In 2020 BuurtzorgT officially became owner of itself. With this BuurtzorgT created a unique structure whereby the organisation, aside from being self-steering, also became its own property.

With this transition BuurtzorgT became a steward owned organisation. In other words the shares are divided into shares with property rights and shares with a control responsibility. These control shares will be in the hands of Stewards.In a sense these Stewards are the guardians of the organisation, they have a serving and supporting role to ensure the organisation will reach their goals.

Aside from this there is, what its called, “the golden share” which is controlled by an independent foundation, which will prevent that BuurtzorgT is being sold or that her goals and mission are fading from the original vision.

The first Stewards of BuurtzorgT are Jos Blok en Nico Moleman, the founders of BuurtzorgT. They will fulfill the Steward role until there are colleagues from BuurtzorgT to take up the challenge and role.

The investment and transition towards Steward Ownership are realised and supported by Purpose Evergreen Capital. Through this transition the goals, method and vision of working and its finances are secured long term.

Purpose Evergreen Capital strives, just like BuurtzorgT, for a just society, where profit is not an isolated goal but a means of improving care.
In addition this new structure leads to a fair division of the operating income. In the future clients and stakeholders will benefit, after the investment of Purpose Evergreen Capital is paid back. All revenue will be allocated to better care.

BuurtzorgT believes that this new organisation will support the possibilities to strengthen the self-steering methodology and the work of the BuurtzorgT colleagues will be more meaningful, because in this new structure , aside from the existing professional autonomy, room will be created for financial autonomy and self-determination as an organisation.